Buy Something Beautiful in Memory of a Beautiful Girl

Longtime readers of this blog are familiar with Team Lucy, the Heart Walk team I created in memory of my daughter Lucy. Team Lucy has also raised funds for Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation and we work to raise awareness of pediatric cardiomyopathy and pediatric heart diseases and defects in general. (We were very busy during Heart Month in February!) Here is a link to the Team Lucy Facebook page for more information:

Right now, we are back to our identity as a Heart Walk Team and we need your help. Our first fundraiser has been underway for almost a month. We are selling gorgeous jewelry from Origami Owl. A portion of every purchase goes to Team Lucy for the 2014 Austin Heart Walk.

The story behind Origami Owl is inspiring. The founder and owner Bella founded the company at the age of 16. She wanted to raise money for a car and she did it!

The fundraiser is a huge success so far! We have raised $224 for Team Lucy. But kids with cardiomyopathy desperately need every bit of help they can get. So, please, check out our fundraiser, get yourself or someone you love something gorgeous, and support Team Lucy! If you can’t purchase, sharing the campaign on Facebook and Twitter is a huge help. Several sales have been made that way. One person even joined the company after my friend Mary shared the campaign on her Facebook page! Team Lucy got a bonus for that. J Here is the URL for purchasing and sharing, as well as a link to a previous post of mine about why kids with cardiomyopathy so desperately need awareness and research funds:

Origami Owl fundraiser link to share and/or purchase:

Link to previous post about pediatric cardiomyopathy and Team Lucy:

And here are some photos of the lovely Living Lockets (Origami Owl’s signature piece) already purchased by supporters of Team Lucy (including yours truly):



My sister-in-law Laure’s locket


My friend Lisa’s locket


My friend Lorna’s locket filled with her own beach souvenirs from Belize.


My locket filled with symbols of my husband, me, and my kids.

Even though this fundraiser ends on 6/30, the Austin Heart Walk will not happen until October 18. You can donate and/or sign up to walk with us any time:

Thank you all so much for reading and for your support of Team Lucy. We appreciate so much everything that has been done in memory of our beautiful daughter and to help children still struggling with this disease.

Go Team Lucy!

For more information about pediatric cardiomyopathy, please visit:

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