Enslaved when the stick turns blue

I was angry. SO angry. Now I am just sad. And frightened out of my mind.

Utah is considering and apparently likely to pass a law criminalizing miscarriage. A woman could receive up to life in prison if a medical professional even thinks and a prosecutor can prove that she did anything that could have intentionally caused a miscarriage:

Yesterday I heard about a woman in Florida whose doctor obtained a court order to force her in to the hospital for bed rest:

Today, I heard about Iowa’s feticide law:

I should have known about all of this sooner. I fully blame myself for not being more informed. But now I know. And I am mad as hell. I am a feminist, but I love men. I am concerned about hatred or dislike or prejudice expressed towards men, especially now that I have a son to raise.

However, it appears that many do not have the same concern for hatred or dislike or prejudice expressed towards women. I have wondered the past few years whether my concerns for women’s rights were overblown in this day and age. Maybe I was being oversensitive. I have no doubt now that my concerns are completely valid.

Now some lawmakers in Utah and THIRTY-SEVEN other states think women are not trustworthy enough to be entrusted with this natural process we have performed for milennia. All of a sudden, women are too dangerous or just too stupid to safeguard a human life. The state governments think we need to be forced in to protecting our pregnancies. They think they suddenly need to help us with our biological privilege of carrying children.

I have a child. I wanted to be a mother ever since I was a little girl. I loved being pregnant. I thought childbirth was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I think pregnancy and childbirth are fascinating in general. I am even considering becoming a doula one day. I definitely want more kids. It makes me proud to be a woman, knowing that my body can protect and produce a life and nourish it.

Women have been doing this since the beginning of the human race.
They are trying to hide behind wanting to protect children. But there is a real, live, breathing, complex human being carrying that child. A human being with rights. With as many rights as that fetus. I want more children, but this possibility makes me scared to have more children. If more of these laws are enacted, I very well might not. Being pregnant is nerve-wracking enough without worrying that you will be arrested for having a miscarriage after drinking Diet Coke throughout your first trimester.

Where are our advocates? Where is Gloria Steinem? Where is Hillary Clinton? (She can usually be trusted to say something, even if it’s not popular.) Where is President Obama? Where is Michelle Obama? Does President Obama just not care about all the women who voted for him?

I feel like there is no one to protect me. I can’t believe that this proposal has gotten as far as it has. I can’t believe that so many do not realize what an atrocity this is against women and what it says about society’s attitude towards women. They are saying that we do not matter at all if we are carrying a child. They are saying we have no rights and are untrustworthy and possibly stupid.

STOP trying to legislate my body. I know how to protect myself. I know how to protect any children I carry. I can be trusted to do so. And so can most other women. Please spread the word. Do not let this happen. Do not let the last vestiges of joy and wonder be taken from pregnancy and childbirth. Don’t let the government kick a woman who has lost her child when she is down. Women have been entrusted with pregnancy and childbirth since the beginning of the human race. Women are human beings with rights who do not become pregnant by themselves, but are sometimes left alone with the consequences. Butt out and let us make our own decisions like every other American adult. Butt out and leave the baby production to the experts.

Feeling stupid

For playing a round of “Do you like my new hat?” to amuse Max using a stepladder. Which opened. And hit me in the head.

Feeling like

A bad mom for not realizing that I was supposed to give him a new food everyday for three days (or four or five or six or seven depending on who you’re talking to or reading) before introducing the next one. We have been waiting the amount of time recommended by our doctor between new foods, but have been feeding him whatever we or he wanted in his established repertoire during the days between “new food” days. D’oh!


If I am a bad mom for not making homemade baby food regularly? Can the stuff in the jars be that bad? It’s organic!

Thank you, Hallmark Channel

For being lazy enough or unimaginative enough (I’m not sure which.) to air “7th Heaven” five times a day. With WGN’s 8 a.m. showing, that is six episodes every day. EVERY DAY. Well, except for weekends. Oh, yes. This will get me through the hard times.
Not only do I love “7th Heaven”, but Max and I have watched it together practically every day since he was born. He turns toward the TV and smiles when he hears the theme song. And now I get to see that smile six times a day! I am guaranteed at least those six smiles everyday, even if I am too exhausted to be very entertaining to him.

The last piece of the oversized TV family puzzle

For years I have had a theory about the interconnectedness of the television series “The Waltons” and “7th Heaven”. In fact, I’ve even thought about writing a paper about it. (I used to be a grad student. I try to turn everything in to a research paper.)
First of all, both families had seven kids. Second, the big brother in each family was sort of a third parent who took his responsibilities very seriously. Third, the two oldest daughters were named Mary Ellen (“The Waltons”) and “Mary” (“7th Heaven”). Fourth, the middle girls Erin (“Waltons”) and Lucy (“Heaven”) are both insecure and only care about boys and being pretty (at first). Each (Yes, I’m dropping the numbers. I’m tired of them.) features a boy who is good with money (Ben and Simon. I’m going to continue with “The Waltons” first and “7th Heaven” second, so I don’t have to keep typing the names.) and a precocious youngest daughter who turns out to be smarter than all of the rest of them (Elizabeth and Ruthie). Finally, there are the family dogs Reckless and Happy.
Another interesting coincidence is that the dad from “7th Heaven”, actor Stephen Collins, once guest-starred on “The Waltons”. He was much younger and using a so-so British accent, but it was definitely him. I was disappointed by the fact that none of “The Waltons” actors had ever been on “7th Heaven”.
Until last week. I was watching an episode I had seen many times, where Lucy convinces her father that the church needs to have an old-fashioned church social to help the single women in the congregation meet men. She bribes her dad by saying he can get a band together and sing. And there, playing backup guitar for the Rev. Camden, was none other than Jon Walmsley, a.k.a Jason Walton (who is a musician in real life). I couldn’t believe it. I was way too excited about it. (Hey, I believe in taking joy in the small things.) In fact, I saved the episode on the DVR to show my husband (who has patiently listened to the similarities between the two shows many times). He was suitably impressed, which is one of the many reasons I love him.
So, there you have it, folks. The two shows are inextricably connected. I would almost call “7th Heaven” a “reboot” or “remake” of “The Waltons” to some extent. I would say the latter definitely provided some inspiration to the former anyway. The only thing that would make it more perfect would have been if the Camdens lived in the Waltons’ old house, but alas, Lorelei Gilmore snagged it and it became the Dragonfly Inn.

Just Finished Watching

The Waltons Movie Collection (A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain / Mother’s Day / A Day for Thanks / A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion / Wedding / Easter)

What can I say? I love anything Waltons. I think my exact reaction to hearing that the movies were going to be available on DVD after years of fruitless searching and a useless Wishlist on the Tivo was: “SHUT. UP. No way!” (Very un-Waltons, but no one ever said I was consistent.)
Anyway, despite breaks in the continuity (Hello? What happened to John Curtis?), these are pretty solid for TV reunion movies. However, I am a huge fan of that genre (And that includes “A Very Brady Christmas”, so consider yourself warned.

Just finished reading

by Maud Hart Lovelace

I have been hearing about the Betsy-Tacy books for about a year now. They were reprinted last fall, which accounts for some of the renewed buzz. Some of my favorite authors, including Meg Cabot, recommended them, which surprised me, since she skewered the “Anne” books in one of her “Princess Diaries” books and “Anne” and “Betsy-Tacy” seem quite similar. (I forgave her, though.) I am definitely glad I decided to check them out. They are so sweet and innocent, yet hilarious at the same time.

Paging Donna Reed

I am amazed that I have some vestigial, 1950s housewife-type instinct that makes me feel guilty when I see that my husband has holes in his socks. I should have darned them! Except I don’t even know what darning is! Is it as fun as saying the word “darn”? Or its naughtier counterpart?

DARN that sock for making me feel guilty. OK, now I feel better.


To be a better wife. Meaning I will no longer kick my husband when he snores at night when I meant to only nudge him to get him to roll over.

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