Well, we are having an ultrasound tomorrow for 41 week testing. Just to make sure he’s still thriving in there. I think it will be fine, although I am a little nervous. However, I hope we don’t discover it’s a girl instead of a boy after picking out a name and decorating the room and everything.

I have discovered that I love bouncing on the birthing ball. It’s supposed to help bring on labor, too. A win-win.


Why do the cats still try to run away when we give them their monthly dose of Revolution? They know it doesn’t hurt and that we’re going to track them down and give it to them one way or the other. I guess I wouldn’t like having a stinky medication on my back until it dried, but the alternative is much worse. Too bad they don’t seem to understand when I tell them that.

Chinese food hangover

At times, I feel an ache in my head after eating Chinese food that is not dissimilar to the phenomenon I have dubbed “Tylenol head.” Now why in the world would acetaminophen and MSG-drenched Chinese food produce the same effect??? Does Panda Express even put MSG in their food???? Why does it not happen every time????? Why am I using so many question marks?????? Ah, the eternal questions of life.

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