Crankiness loves company

Oh, today. Crabby, rainy, impatient-with-my-child today. Max was a handful today. I’m not sure if he was cranky because I was cranky or I was cranky because he was cranky. Or both. Either way, he was climbing on, grabbing at, and occasionally biting both me and the cats.

I was pretty impatient with him a few times. I’m human and it’s frustrating when I’m trying to cut his nails so he won’t hurt himself and he cries and writhes like I’m trying to cut his fingers OFF. Even “The Biscuit Brothers” didn’t completely distract him. I guess I shouldn’t have been trying to cut his nails right before his nap, but there never seems to be a good time to do these chores. He’s always about to take a nap or eat or we have to get out the door.

Speaking of food – this has not been a easy week. The vomit I have cleaned up. Max threw up three meals in a row on Monday and Tuesday, so I felt I had to take him to the doctor even though he didn’t seem sick. He’s not. We just had to go back to feeding him one, smaller bite at a time. Just when I had gotten to where I could put a small amount of food on his tray and let him go to it and not have to feed him every. single. bite. Sigh.

This lesson is brought to you by Gerber

My son’s Gerber Graduates Strawberry Apple Puffs have “natural strawberry apple flavor” listed as one of the ingredients. Now there is such a thing as a strawberry apple. (The first time I ever heard of it was in “Anne of Green Gables”; here’s a link to the chapter mentioning them Here’s a link to some varieties: However, I kind of doubt that Gerber actually uses flavoring from actual strawberry apples in their Puffs. What do you think?
Come to think of it, my son’s Gerber Grins and Giggles Toothpaste has “natural apple banana flavor” listed as an ingredient. Now I was SURE there was no such thing as an “apple banana”, but I just checked and I’ll be damned if there isn’t: Still, do you really think Gerber uses flavoring from apple bananas in their toothpaste? Huh. Maybe they do. This is obviously very preliminary research. I’ll have to look in to it further.
Well, this post really took a turn. I learned something new. Thanks, Gerber and the aforementioned websites! Now I just have to FIND a strawberry apple … I have wanted to try one ever since I first read “Anne of Green Gables”.

Feeling like

A bad mom for not realizing that I was supposed to give him a new food everyday for three days (or four or five or six or seven depending on who you’re talking to or reading) before introducing the next one. We have been waiting the amount of time recommended by our doctor between new foods, but have been feeding him whatever we or he wanted in his established repertoire during the days between “new food” days. D’oh!


If I am a bad mom for not making homemade baby food regularly? Can the stuff in the jars be that bad? It’s organic!

“Is that hair gel?”

I found one of Max’s boogers in my hair today. It was my first sighting of any kind of baby detritus in my hair and I was weirdly grossed out by it, considering that I have been pooped on.

Luckily, I found it before we went to dinner at our friends’ house. That could have been a real appetite killer. Well, maybe not, considering that we are all parents of young children.

Way more than nine lives

My cat Fort was a dumpster diver in his previous life. That’s the only way to account for his survival. He must have been a fair hunter, too. He survived fights with wild animals, rain, and freezing temperatures, not to mention another “owner” (I use that term very loosely.) who booted him out before we took him in. That explains why he attacks our food whenever our backs are turned. Doesn’t matter what it is. He ate my chocolate ice cream when I had my wisdom teeth out with as much enthusiasm as he licked my Lean Cuisine tray clean yesterday. However, none of that explains his fascination with beauty products. He eats soap, chases me around trying to rub against, bite, and lick my legs when I apply lotion, and he cornered me on the bed when I was applying aromatherapy oil the other night. You’d think he’d have more common sense after surviving on the streets alone, right? How did he survive when he thinks it’s okay to eat soap??

Kitty exploit of the day

Fort (aka Fudgie) attempting to eat a jalapeno cheddar hot dog. You cannot leave any food out around this cat. He used to be a dumpster diver. He likes everything.

Chick-Fil-A is not A-OK (at least today)

So, I decided to do something nice for my husband and myself. I stopped by Chick-Fil-A after yoga. I decided to splurge and get an original with fries. (I almost always get the grilled club with fruit on the side.) I pulled up and they had people standing outside to take drive-thru orders as they always do during lunch. I distinctly told the man “Two combo #1s with Diet Coke”. I instantly thought that I should have said “Diet Coke with each,” but it was too late by then.

Sure enough, I pulled up to the window and they only handed me one Diet Coke. I told them there should be another one. They duly handed me another Coke and I handed my card back to be charged again.

I should have known. I really should have known. I got home and I had two Diet Cokes, but only one sandwich and box of fries. WTF???? How stupid are they? First, they thought I only wanted one Diet Coke when a combo automatically comes with a drink (and I did say I wanted two combos). Then, they thought I wanted two Diet Cokes with one meal??? What kind of idiots are working at that Chick-Fil-A these days? (I know, I know. It was lunch, everyone makes mistakes. I’m still not happy. Can you blame me?)

Three clumsiest things I’ve done this week (so far!)

1. Tried to eat some Smart Ones fettucine alfredo too fast (in order to finish before the baby’s next feeding) and flipped the fork out of my hand, hitting CC in the leg.

2. Knocked over a bottle of breast milk and spilled it all over the floor and a tote bag.

3. Stepped on Earl Grey’s paw.

What will happen next? More specifically, what will happen to Fudgie? He’s the only cat I haven’t managed to inadvertently injure this week. (Actually, they’re fine, thank goodness.)

Bless you

I found out today that my husband actually had some doubt as to whether I would eat food with cat snot on it. He seemed to think I might, if I was hungry enough. Just to set the record straight, I have never been THAT hungry. Now I wonder what kind of man I married, since he was apparently willing to marry someone he thought could maybe, possibly, eat cat snot.

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