I hate …

fitted sheets. They are ill-fitting, sweat-inducing, snapping-off-of-the-corner-of-the-bed-suddenly inventions of the devil. And yes, I think it is completely fair to blame the inventor of fitted sheets for my difficulties in and sheer loathing of putting them on the bed correctly.

Finally, changing pad covers. At the risk of sounding like a comedian with cliched material – what IS the deal with changing pad covers? They aren’t difficult to put on, but do they have any purpose other than being cute? I think I am just about over them. My son usually pees on them within two diaper changes of their replacement, so they’re in the wash most of the time. He usually lies on a cloth diaper, which is placed on top of the contoured changing pad. Everything wipes easily off of the changing pad with a baby wipe. Now, exactly how is the changing pad cover making clean-up easier?

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