Letter to Lucy at six months

Dear Lucy,

I can’t believe you are six months old already, Lucy Blythe. Your first six months went by so much faster than your brother’s, which is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good, because it means I am more relaxed and allowing myself to enjoy having a baby more the second time around. It’s bad, because those first six months are gone forever. But I am so excited about the future and watching you grow.

You are a very solemn little baby. You smile much more than you used to, but you still laugh rarely. You don’t give them away. And you have the funniest laugh. It sounds like it’s being forced out of you and you look pained or like you’re not sure you enjoy it. I think it’s so adorable and unique. I’ve never heard a baby laugh like that.

There are two observations people repeatedly make about you. First is that you are so alert and focused. You watch everything and everyone so intently. You are so interested in everything going on around you. We went to a demo class for Max at The Little Gym last week. At the end of the class, we went in for the parent participation part. You got so excited and eager to participate that you stood up off my lap (I had one arm around you.) and roared. That’s the only way I can describe it. I was amazed.

Second is that you have the most beautiful eyes. I think you have my eyes (Aren’t I modest?) and many agree. But yours are a darker blue, I think. I’m still not sure if that’s your color or the newborn color still (I think a color change is a possibility until you’re a year old.), but they are a gorgeous, deep blue and so big. You just stare at people like you can see their soul. Then you usually give them a big grin, showing off your two front teeth. (You got your first teeth at five months, just like Max. The bottom two in the front.) Dr. Prochnow (your pediatrician) always says you could get lost in them. Your eyes, not your teeth. 😉

You are very strong. You’ve been holding your head up since the night you were born. You’ve also been straightening your legs out and working to support your weight on them since you were only a few weeks old. You rolled from front to back at five weeks, but then took several months to really start doing it again.

You seem so eager to become mobile and get into everything. When you’re on your tummy, you flail your arms and legs around wildly and push up into cobra, grunting as if to say, “I can see what everyone is doing, how do I do it??” When we were in the waiting area at The Little Gym, there were two other babies, both older and pulling up and crawling. I set you down on your tummy and you squirmed and writhed, obviously trying to get some forward momentum.

You have become very vocal. You’ve always been much louder than your brother (In fact, during your first few weeks of life I affectionately called you Loudmouth Lucy. Sorry.) and I awakened many times during your first few months of life with you screaming right. in. my. ear. (You slept in our bed a lot more than your brother did when he was a baby.) You started saying “dada” a few weeks ago and you can talk a blue streak when you get going. You are too young to know what “dada” means, but I swear you’ve looked right at your daddy a few times and said it.

I’ve mentioned Mr. Max a few times, but not your relationship with him as yet. You and he adore each other. It is wonderful to see. He was a little standoffish with you the first few days after you came home, but then he attached himself to you and we haven’t been able to pry him off of you since. He is a little too enthusiastic in his affection sometimes, but you don’t seem to mind (mostly). He is fascinated with your ears and constantly wants to touch them. He’ll just lie there next to you, sucking his thumb, and holding your ear. He wants you to snuggle in the bed with him at every naptime and bedtime. He says, “Lucy can snuggle” and gets very upset if you are nursing and can’t get in bed with him. Recently, you’ve started grabbing at his hair and he thinks it’s hilarious. I wonder what he’ll think when you manage to pull it.

He has been so proud the few times he’s gotten to hold you on his lap. He loves to help burp you and he’s actually pretty good at it. You can be screaming bloody murder and you see his face and break into a huge smile. You two love each other so much. It makes me so happy. And I hope you two will always make each other happy.

I love you so much, little girl. I’ve felt so close to you since the very first moment they laid you on my chest and you stared at me with those huge, wide eyes. The whole first night of your life, you screamed whenever anyone tried to take you from me. As long as you were next to Mama, you were happy. And I feel the same way. You light up my life and make me so happy. On to the next six months!

Love, Mama

Second Letter to Baby Farmer

Dear Lucy,

As you can probably tell from my greeting, a lot has happened since I last wrote to you. We found out you’re a girl. We named you Lucy Blythe. We’ve decorated a room with ladybugs (Well, started to.) and I went on a girl clothes shopping spree that involved buying way too many pairs of Hello Kitty leg warmers.

My dear friend Dawn, who I’m sure you’ll come to know well, hosted a sprinkle to celebrate your impending arrival. She also chose a ladybug theme and outdid herself. Quite a few of my friends came to celebrate you and the fact that I’m going to be a mommy again. And they brought some presents for you that include both the lovely and practical. 🙂

Our family has been sick for most of the month of October and we seem to be gunning for the record for November as well. I think Fort is the only one who hasn’t gotten sick. First it was a stomach virus, then Angus was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Then, your big brother got a cold that turned into croup followed swiftly by nasty hives that were caused by either an allergy or a virus. We’re not sure yet. In the middle of all that, I had a gestational diabetes scare.

I admit, all of this has made me somewhat nervous for your arrival and handling two kids, but I am still so excited to meet you. I can’t help it. And I know everything will be fine.

We are very lucky, little girl. Your father and I have found a wonderful community of friends to add to the wonderful family and friends we already had before we became parents. There are so many people waiting to welcome you and it’s not just because little girls are in the minority in our group. 😉

I can’t believe at this time next year, you will be almost a year old and ready to celebrate your first holiday season. I am so excited to introduce you to everyone and everything in our little world. We live in a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood in what I think has to be one of the Top 10 Cities in the World. (I am biased, but Austin is pretty dang cool.) I hope you will love growing up here. I think you will.

We are going to attempt to move the crib out of your brother’s room pretty soon, so hopefully more progress will be made on your room. He has a new Thomas the Train bed he loves, so hopefully he will be willing to pass the crib on to you. I’m sure he will at some point. Never fear, though. You will have a place to sleep regardless.

We all love you, honey. See you in about 10 weeks.

Love, Mama

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