Just Finished Reading (with Max)

How to Behave and Why

I saw this book on a rerun of “7th Heaven” and had to check it out. Its advice still holds for the most part and it isn’t as preachy as I expected. It is very matter-of-fact and does not talk down to its audience. It will be interesting to see if Max still wants to hear it when he gets a little older.

Just finished reading (with Max)

The Runaway Bunny

I really liked this. It was very sweet, except for when the grad student in me started wondering why the bunny kept trying to get away from his mother and thought that the mother could be perceived as stalkerish instead of devoted. It’s best not to delve too deeply into some of these things, eh? Overall, another very sweet tale from the author of “Good night, Moon” and “The Big, Red Barn”.

Who’s really being weaned?

Well, my son has been fully weaned at seven months. I tried to do it slowly. I was planning to still nurse him in the morning and at night. It snowballed somehow. I guess we wereĀ  both just ready. He didn’t seem to be getting enough food and he was so distracted all the time that many feeding sessions had become an ordeal. Plus, he still bit me occasionally (although he had gotten much better about that).

He seems to be taking it pretty well, as far as I can tell. He accepts the bottle readily (He actually gets excited when he sees one.) and no longer gets confused and tries to go for both the breast AND bottle when I give him a bottle. I, however, am feeling a bit sad. I might still be able to go back, but I don’t think it’s the right thing. Still, the right thing isn’t always easy.

I will never breast-feed Max again. He has taken another step towards independence. I will find a way to make up for the closeness I felt when I nursed him. Until then, I am sad.

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