This lesson is brought to you by Gerber

My son’s Gerber Graduates Strawberry Apple Puffs have “natural strawberry apple flavor” listed as one of the ingredients. Now there is such a thing as a strawberry apple. (The first time I ever heard of it was in “Anne of Green Gables”; here’s a link to the chapter mentioning them Here’s a link to some varieties: However, I kind of doubt that Gerber actually uses flavoring from actual strawberry apples in their Puffs. What do you think?
Come to think of it, my son’s Gerber Grins and Giggles Toothpaste has “natural apple banana flavor” listed as an ingredient. Now I was SURE there was no such thing as an “apple banana”, but I just checked and I’ll be damned if there isn’t: Still, do you really think Gerber uses flavoring from apple bananas in their toothpaste? Huh. Maybe they do. This is obviously very preliminary research. I’ll have to look in to it further.
Well, this post really took a turn. I learned something new. Thanks, Gerber and the aforementioned websites! Now I just have to FIND a strawberry apple … I have wanted to try one ever since I first read “Anne of Green Gables”.

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