Team Lucy wants YOU!

Team Lucy, the team we have formed in memory of our daughter for the Austin Heart Walk on Oct. 19, is doing wonderfully! There are 55 days left till the Heart Walk and we have exceeded our monetary and team member goals. We have 34 team members and have raised $5125 so far.

Our team is also ranked 44 out of all community teams in the nation and no. 2 out of ALL Austin teams including corporate teams!

We are overwhelmed that so many have joined us in honoring our daughter. It means so much to us that she touched so many lives and that so many want to help fight pediatric cardiomyopathy.

And believe me, we have a fight on our hands. Pediatric cardiomyopathy is a vicious disease. It has a higher mortality rate than pediatric cancer. It is very difficult to detect. An estimated 30,000 children are being treated for it in the U.S. right now, with another 30,000 going undiagnosed. Sadly, the disease is often only detected post-mortem.

Even when detected, there are no good treatment or surgical options. The only surgical option is transplant. The only medicines available are the same ones given to adults. Most of the research has been done on adults. There is no cure.

We want to help other families who are still actively fighting this disease. We want to keep them from having to say good-bye to their children like we did. We want to CRUSH the disease that took our beautiful daughter from us last Mother’s Day.

Please sign up to walk and/or donate if you can. The bigger our team and the more money we raise, the more a big organization like American Heart will sit up and take notice of pediatric cardiomyopathy. And we really, really need for everyone to sit up and take notice.

Here is the link to our team page: There are buttons to join the team and donate there.

A year ago, I probably couldn’t have told you what cardiomyopathy was. Now it is one of my life’s goals to stamp it out. Please help in any way you can. We are grateful for every team member and every cent.

Go Team Lucy!!


Me with the poster featuring Lucy’s Community Impact story and picture at the Heart Walk kick-off last Wednesday.


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