Proud legacy

Today, my three and a half month old son laughed when he passed gas and almost rolled over for the first time while trying to get a better view of the TV. Oh, yes, he is definitely my son.

Later tonight, he did roll over for the first time (front to back), but luckily, the television was not involved.

Strange phenomenon

That I went around the house singing “Rawr” for a good thirty seconds this morning for no particular reason. It wasn’t entertaining the baby or the cats. I just felt like it.

“Is that hair gel?”

I found one of Max’s boogers in my hair today. It was my first sighting of any kind of baby detritus in my hair and I was weirdly grossed out by it, considering that I have been pooped on.

Luckily, I found it before we went to dinner at our friends’ house. That could have been a real appetite killer. Well, maybe not, considering that we are all parents of young children.

Baby vigilante or tit for tat

One night last week, my husband was walking around with Max, trying to put him to bed. Suddenly, I hear a cry from said husband, whether of pain or alarm or both, I’m not sure. Since I am a new mom and half asleep, I immediately overreact saying, “What? What???”, sure that the baby has launched himself backwards out of his father’s arms and landed on the floor. I look up to see my husband’s grimacing face and my son’s tiny fist, the nails of which were overdue for a trim, clenched firmly around his father’s nipple. My poor husband probably has some idea now of what it is like to breast-feed at the beginning. Not only that, but it was my son’s first attempt at a “purple nurple.” (Not sure about the spelling of that.) My brothers would be so proud.

Gimme some of that hair

My son Max is three months old today. (Yea! We survived the first three months.) He has become fascinated with his hands, constantly attempting to shove them both in his mouth. When they are not in his mouth, he uses them to grab my hair. Of course, he has started this phase right when my hair has started the postpartum “falling out at the slightest provocation” phase. (Seriously, my comb is so furry when I comb my hair after a shower that I almost think it’s a fourth cat.) So now, in addition to the lint he usually accumulates in the palm of his hands somehow, they are also covered with drool and usually clutching a strand or two (or more) of my hair. Pretty picture, right? Actually, yes. It’s the most beautiful picture in the world. (Although I do try not to sniff his hands too closely at times.)

Sign that we are becoming accustomed to being parents

We have stopped saying “the vet” when we mean “the pediatrician.”

Kitty/baby exploit of the day

Daddy volunteers to burp baby to give Mommy a break during breast-feeding. Baby has poop explosion all over sleepsack and Daddy’s only pair of clean jeans. Upon carrying baby in to the nursery, Daddy finds Fort sitting on the changing table for the first time.  Mommy is called in to perform a Fort removal. Pantless Daddy discovers Diaper Champ is full. Mommy is called upon to remove trash bag of diapers and replace it with new trash bag. Mommy is going to wear a tarp over her jeans during the second half of breast-feeding as she, too, only has one “clean” pair.

New mom fears/difficulties conquered this week

1. Taking my son’s temperature rectally.

2. Putting a new crib sheet on his mattress.

3. Taking him to the grocery store by myself. No crying or dirty diapers! However, two separate Good Samaritans (one of them a new-ish mom herself) did help me get his carrier in and out of the grocery cart. Thanks!

New mom talent for the day

Typing a blog post with a baby on my lap. Uh-oh. He’s unhappy. Gotta go.

I hate …

fitted sheets. They are ill-fitting, sweat-inducing, snapping-off-of-the-corner-of-the-bed-suddenly inventions of the devil. And yes, I think it is completely fair to blame the inventor of fitted sheets for my difficulties in and sheer loathing of putting them on the bed correctly.

Finally, changing pad covers. At the risk of sounding like a comedian with cliched material – what IS the deal with changing pad covers? They aren’t difficult to put on, but do they have any purpose other than being cute? I think I am just about over them. My son usually pees on them within two diaper changes of their replacement, so they’re in the wash most of the time. He usually lies on a cloth diaper, which is placed on top of the contoured changing pad. Everything wipes easily off of the changing pad with a baby wipe. Now, exactly how is the changing pad cover making clean-up easier?

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