I’m Not Going to Miss a Day of NaBloPoMo (at least, not in the first week)

Popping in with just a quick NaBloPoMo post, because it’s late and I’m tired. I just want to snuggle up with my cute hubs in front of the TV and then sleep.

So, just some short musings on my day today. What I said in the first paragraph is pretty much the theme. I’m tired. It was a hell of an October. I am tired from both good things (family wedding, Halloween) and bad (pregnancy loss, sick kids for the last two weeks). I’m tired from the time change, too, but I’m not about to start a debate about whether Daylight Saving Time is good or bad.

A dear friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. She is a fellow heart mom and I couldn’t be happier for her. My heart just yearns when I look at that precious bundle, though. I see photos of precious new life and research adoption and I feel as if my head and my ovaries are pulling me in two separate directions. (My heart just wants another kid and doesn’t care which way we get it.)

It seems likely our future holds another child, but I do not know when or how. I’m not in too much of a rush, despite my yearning. I am, however, trying to be excited by the possibilities instead of frustrated by the uncertainties. I know the answers will come in time.


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