Letter to Lucy on your 3rd Birthday

My dear, sweet Lucy:

Your sister Scarlett is six months old and I have returned to singing with SoCo Women’s Chorus. This concert’s theme is “Seasons of Love”. The show opens with these words:

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes,

Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes;

How do you measure, measure a year?”

Even though we are several weeks into rehearsals, it didn’t hit me until yesterday that, in addition to another selection “There is a Season”, this song constitutes a perfect tribute to you and your all-too-brief year of life.

The song goes on to determine that we should “remember the love” and “measure [a year] in love.”

By that measure, you lived as long as anyone possibly can. You were and are loved and treasured beyond measure. Every moment of those 15 months belongs among my dearest memories. In fact, you will live as long as those who love and remember you live.

The third anniversary of your birth is two days from now. We visited you yesterday. While we were there, Daddy and I told Max and Scarlett everything we could think of about you. Max misses you and they both love to hear about you as well as watch videos of you.

We plan to celebrate your birthday with another balloon release, dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, and a small replica of your first birthday cake. I hope the day will be easier than it was last year. I expect tears, but also smiles and laughter as we remember you and imagine having you here with us now.

When our concert comes, 10 days before the next anniversary of your death, I will sing my heart out for you on every song, but especially on the two mentioned above.

Thank you for giving me the courage to live my life to the fullest. I will always do that for you, as well as for myself.

I love you so much, my baby.

Love, Mama


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