Saying Yes

I started this post over a week ago, on Max’s 5th birthday. Our beautiful new daughter Scarlett arrived 4 days later, hence the delay in posting. Scarlett’s birth story is forthcoming. For now, here is the story of the night Chris and I became engaged.

Even though today is Max’s 5th birthday, I am going to write about the anniversary of Chris’s and my engagement two days ago. (I wrote Max’s birthday letter a few months ago in case you want to check it out:
July is a special month for us. Chris and I met on July 30, 2005, thanks to our mutual friend Stephanie Kopp. We had our “second first date” July 15, 2006, and became engaged July 24, 2007. Our son Max was born July 26, 2009.
I knew Chris was going to propose. After all, I picked out the ring. However, I wasn’t sure when. We planned a special evening on July 24, two days before our couple anniversary on the 26th, because we already had plans on the 26th. I got a very strong feeling that the 24th would be the night.
I was so nervous and excited during the entire day at work. Chris and I took off for Hyde Park Bar and Grill right after work (We were trying to recreate the night we officially got together, but Mother’s was closed at the time due to fire damage.) I could barely eat, due to a ludicrous fear that I would say no when I meant to say yes. I kept remembering the episode of “Cheers” when Diane browbeats Sam into proposing and then says no.
After dinner, we drove over to Mt. Bonnell, another location from that fateful date. Chris made up some excuse to bring the camera with him. He told me later he was worried I would hug him and feel the ring box in his pocket.
We ascended the steps to the top and sat down to admire the view. I can’t remember if there was much conversation before Chris got down on one knee and said, “Sara O’Brien, will you marry me?” I think he also said he loved me, but all I clearly remember is the fateful question. Thankfully, I smiled and said, “Yes” with a definite air of “Of course” to it. We kissed and happily took photos, despite the searing July heat.
I started calling people on the way home. Everyone was so happy for us. It was one of the happiest nights of my life. There have been many happy nights in the 7 years since, but that was the one that started us on our way.

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