Never Forget the Flushable Wipes

Chris and I sat in the living area of our hotel suite at Lost Pines, reading while the kids slept in the bedroom. Moments later, a wail from Lucy emanated from the bedroom.

With a sigh, I tore myself away from my phone and went to investigate. I cautiously opened the door, hoping that Max still slept. He possessed an amazing ability to sleep through his sister’s nighttime cries.

Quite a sight – and a smell – assaulted my senses upon opening the door. Lucy lay in the Pack n Play crying. Max stood leaning on the bed right next to the Pack n Play, clearly awake. It was also abundantly clear that there was a huge poop in his snug-fitting Old Navy pajama pants.

Poor Lucy. I would cry if my brother was standing next to my sleeping area with a huge poop in his pants, too.

All I could do was laugh. Chris asked, “What? What is it?”

“Max pooped his pants. He either woke Lucy up or the smell did it.”

We took a deep breath (not too deep) and headed in to the room to take care of the situation. I picked up Lucy and walked around with her, talking soothingly to calm her. Chris took Max into the bathroom, stripped him down, and tried to figure out how to clean up such a mess in the middle of the night in a hotel room.

And then the toilet became clogged when we tried to flush the mess.

I honestly can’t remember how we handled that part. I don’t think we tried to get a janitor or maintenance person in the middle of the night. I think we managed to get the toilet to flush somehow. Chris then placed Max in the tub, got him to lie on his back, and basically hosed him off in the tub, while Max laughed hysterically. There was no help for it. Everyone except Lucy laughed. I walked around with her, laughing and talking to her about her crazy brother, promising her she would get to sleep again soon.

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