Crashing Trains


The sound issued gleefully from my son’s mouth, echoing the sound made by Diesel 10 smashing through a carefully constructed pile of his cronies from “Thomas and Friends”.

Her Pee-Wee Herman laugh echoed through the room. It was a delightful, hiccupping, halting sound, full of joy and beauty despite the similarities to the aforementioned comedian. Max and I both looked at her with surprise and pleasure. He had made Lucy laugh! She thought it was funny when he smashed Diesel 10 through the other trains.

“Max, do it again! She likes it! You made her laugh!”

Max beamed with pride. His smile filled his face and his eyes shone as he carefully piled the trains again and pulled Diesel 10 back for launch.

All three of us sat on the living room rug together in the sunshine of that Sunday morning in May. I grinned in anticipation of the next crash and laugh. Lucy peered expectantly up at her brother from her position on her tummy.


Giggles from all three of us filled the room. That was the biggest crash yet, all done to impress his sister and make her laugh.

That happy playtime scene occurred on the morning of Mother’s Day 2013. As far as I know, that was the last time they played together. Lucy died mere hours later, but she spent that morning laughing as her brother crashed his trains with gusto to entertain her. I’m so glad we made time to play that morning.


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