Catching Up

I’ve been neglecting this blog for awhile. First, it was because of the Team Lucy events. Then, the Faure Chorus performing at the JFK Memorial in Dallas. Then, Max had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy two and a half weeks ago. The recovery for that involved a lot of me sitting next to him offering him sips of fluids every few minutes. But he is doing much better and I am hopeful this will do much to improve his quality of life.

We did have a somewhat upsetting development yesterday. Max ate Sour Patch Kids and several cashews. Afterwards, he and Chris started to head upstairs to get the Christmas tree. Max promptly vomited several times and I discovered hives on his face while I was cleaning him up. He usually reacts that way only to eggs. It looks like we might have a tree nut allergy on our hands. I am not too happy about that. I thought we might be clear of all the crazy medical stuff after the tonsillectomy. I have my fingers crossed that our cat Angus’s follow-up Echo will be normal this month and he can go off the Atenolol. If we had to lose our daughter, I wanted to be free of abnormal stress and sickness. So, I am pretty stressed and depressed about this. I know allergies can be no big deal. Max has a mild egg allergy that has been very easy to manage and deal with. But nut allergies completely freak me out.

I have so much I want to catch you all up on. I hope I will get back on my writing schedule now that Max is back in school and things have settled down a bit. In the meantime, I do have a Christmas favor to ask. We are running a new Booster campaign with Team Lucy shirts in baby and toddler sizes. We even have a onesie that is completely adorable. All proceeds go to Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation. Our previous fundraisers were for American Heart. While American Heart is at the forefront of improving American’s overall heart health, CCF is the ONLY organization devoted to raising awareness of and finding better treatments and a cure for pediatric cardiomyopathy. CCF was started by Lisa Yue, a mother who lost two sons to pediatric cardiomyopathy. Here is a link for more information about the organization and pediatric cardiomyopathy in general:

These shirts are adorable, they are great quality, and the money goes to a wonderful cause. This is our first Christmas without Lucy and we would love to honor her by raising a lot of money for CCF. We need to sell at least 20 shirts by the end of the campaign or everyone’s money will be refunded and CCF will not get any of the proceeds. We have sold two so far. The campaign ends in 10 days. Here is the link: Please help us honor Lucy and give hope to kids with cardiomyopathy this Christmas. Thank you. J

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