A Parent’s Perfect Day

Yesterday was one of those rare days when everything went right. The weather was beautiful. Max and I made it on time to his hair appointment. It was a close call, because I lost momentum a bit in the home stretch, but we made it.

We arrived at the salon and Max immediately asked for Roley, one of Bob the Builder’s friends. He played with Roley on one of his first visits before he even knew who Bob the Builder was. I was amazed he remembered.

He started to get a bit upset when the stylist first called us back, but Roley and “Cars” playing on the TV at his station combined to soothe him. He still wouldn’t let her use the electric shaver around his ears, but he mostly did just fine.

We were planning to meet Chris for lunch, but the haircut was over too early. We went to the library to kill some time. On the way in, Max urged me to hurry. Every time he saw another kid walk in before us, he said, “Ooh, hurry! They’ll take our books!”  

I geeked out the minute we walked in. I never realize how much I miss the library until I go back. I love looking at the rows and rows of books and seeing all the people, especially the children, enjoying them. We didn’t have much time, but that was okay, because we were on a mission to find “Max and Ruby” books. Max is suddenly back into “Max and Ruby” big-time.

The mission was forgotten when I spotted “Thomas’s Great Discovery” on display and pointed it out to Max. From then on, that was the only book he wanted. I convinced him to check out two “Max and Ruby” books and two “Bear” books just in case.

Even though we had to stand in a very long line (Mommy forgot to renew her library card. D’oh!), Max was so well-behaved and soooo excited about his Thomas book.

We headed over to meet Chris for lunch (We had to read the Thomas book before we ate, of course.) and then to the train table at Barnes and Noble. There was a new Thomas train table with some Chuggington trains on it, which blew Max’s mind a bit. He asked me numerous times why there was a new table with new accessories. I guess he kept hoping the answer would get more interesting than, “Fisher Price bought Tomy and Learning Curve and reissued everything, so Barnes and Noble is switching over.”

We read several more Thomas books. Just when I was pondering if we should hit the Asian market next or head home, I noticed a familiar look on my son’s face.

“Max, do you have to go potty?”

“Yes”, in a strained voice.

If he says yes, it’s probably already too late.

It was, but it was ok. I cleaned him up as best I could and we headed home, where I cleaned him up the rest of the way. We read all of his library books through twice. He watched videos while I made hummus for Chris.

You don’t get those days too often in parenting, but they do happen. Everything just seems to go right. You are patient and funny and kind. Your child is cooperative. And you don’t even mind when they poop in their pants and you have to leave Barnes and Noble. You are filled with enough love and happiness and optimism to still consider it a perfect day.


  1. debi shaw said,

    June 20, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    this is a great story. I’m glad you had one of those rare “in control” days that make being a mommy lots of fun…. there will be more…. your writing is wonderful Sara and you should keep at it.. I look forward to seeing them in my inbox…

    • kittymomma said,

      June 23, 2013 at 10:22 pm

      Thank you, Debi. You have been one of my most faithful readers and commenters. I am always happy to see one of your comments in MY inbox. 🙂

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