“Well, what do YOU want to do?”

Motherhood is wonderful but, as we all well know, there are plenty of aspects to complain about at times. One descriptor I haven’t heard frequently is “boring”. I’m talking boredom for both mother and child here. I don’t know if that’s exactly the right description, but bear with me here. I am going somewhere with this.

I love spending time with my son. However, he is four and a half months old and a boy. He can’t walk or talk and his interests are pretty much still limited to eating, sleeping, pooping, and bright, shiny, sparkly things. (That last one was a relatively recent, very welcome addition.)

Now that he is awake more and more aware of the world, he wants more attention, although he is capable of amusing himself at times. (OK, OK, maybe he amuses himself at times by watching reruns of 7th Heaven that I just happen to want to watch.) This isn’t a problem most of the time. Usually, feeding and dressing him and me and getting him down for his naps takes up plenty of time. Add in some walks around the neighborhood, Itsy Bitsy yoga sessions, or the occasional errand, doctor’s appointment, or weekly visit to my sister’s house, and we have a pretty full schedule.

Lately, we have been having wintry weather (for Austin) and he has been eating faster. What’s a mom to do when she can’t take the baby outside, she doesn’t even want to think about going to the mall, and he doesn’t want to do Itsy Bitsy Yoga or play with his toys? What do you do when you find yourself looking at your baby and thinking, “What am I going to DO with you until your next nap and/or feeding?” Suddenly, you realize that, as a thirty-year-old woman, you really don’t have much in common with a four-month-old baby boy, except for your love for each other and, of course, 7th Heaven.

Thank goodness, I found lists of games by age on Baby Center. Not only do I have new ways to amuse my son, but I have a new idea for a blog entry: “How to Revitalize Your Relationship by Putting Funny Things on Your Head.”

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