Pearl Harbor Day

I think it’s shameful that Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day isn’t marked on all of the calendars anymore. (I don’t think it’s a national holiday, but that’s what it used to say on my calendars.) I know it was 68 years ago, but it still seems as if it should be properly commemorated. It changed the course of history for America and the world. Thoughts? Are there equally important events missing from the calendar that I am forgetting? Will the events of Sept. 11 fall out of the general public consciousness within a century as well?

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  1. Mom said,

    December 8, 2009 at 8:53 am

    It is on my desk calendar; both of them. I’d be curious to know what people who lived through the Civil War and perhaps lived 50 more years thought about such things. If they were quite young, they might have even have lived till World War I. Did they still have ceremonies recognizing the importance and sacrifice of the Civil War? Were the veterans remembered? I’m certain that the polictically crowd will try to suppress any recognition of 9-11 as an act of war. Even now you can see how this is happening. Mom

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