Angus and his Magnificent Tail

My cat Angus is a Maine Coon mix. I am not sure what else is in the mix, but Maine Coon is definitely a large part of his genetic makeup. A characteristic of the Maine Coon is a fluffy tail. Angus’s tail is beyond fluffy. It is Magnificent, Resplendent, and alas, Destructive. Unfortunately, the owner of said tail has no idea of its powers. I have seen this tail clear whole coffee tables with a single swish. I have seen it knock soda cans off of their precarious perch next to our brimming recycling baskets and scare the tail’s owner half to death. He has no idea that HE knocked over the cans, poor skittish darling.

If you are in need of further proof of this tail’s amazing powers, simply consider this quote from a morning last week. I swear this is an actual quote of words that came out of my mouth, “Angus, get your tail out of Mommy’s underwear.” Now see if you can guess what amazing hijinks the tail and its unconscious possessor have been up to now. I will give you one hint. Angus, his tail, and I were in the bathroom.

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