Precocious or possessed?

So, I have decided that my child is officially the GASSIEST KID EVER. He cannot have a bowel movement silently. Of course, this has its benefits. We never have to guess if he’s got a dirty diaper. Everyone in the room knows. There is no peeking or taking a deep breath and sticking your finger in there.

And don’t get me started on the atomic spit-up, which managed to bypass the towel I placed on the bed to protect the sheets. However, the bedskirt did manage to catch all of the run-off, so that the carpet was saved. Such an act of heroism was not expected of the bedskirt.

Also, he has scared the cats several times by breaking wind while they were in the immediate vicinity. However, it is not difficult to scare two of our cats. The fact that he made Fudgie sit up and take notice, though…

Last night, he managed to achieve a feat both hilarious and freaky. My husband and I were lying in bed when we heard the tell-tale noises coming from the bassinet of the Pack ‘n’ Play. Since we both become 12 whenever we hear anyone pass gas and are extremely sleep-deprived, this always sends us in to gales of laughter. However, he followed up his gastric hijinks with what sounded remarkably like laughter. Seriously!! It sounded like he made himself laugh that time! I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure babies are supposed to be older than barely four weeks before they laugh. At the time, this just seemed funny, but now I’m a little weirded out. Is my baby precocious or possessed? By the spirit of a much older baby???? Egad.

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