Mommy brain

A combination of baby love, which renders me unwilling and unable to think about much besides my baby boy and how crazy I am about him, and extreme fatigue, are making it impossible for me to think of anything to write about. Except for the fact that I can’t think of anything. Hopefully, I will get more sleep tonight and come at you with something more scintillating tomorrow. However, the delirium from being barely able to keep my eyes open is actually somewhat pleasant. Maybe I want to keep it.

It’s amazing how, no matter how tired I am, if I am at all worried about my little one, I can’t seem to go to sleep. That has been the problem the past few nights. He has hit a growth spurt and, consequently, changed his schedule on me. The past few nights, he has eaten at about 9:30 and then not woken up for 4 or 5 hours. My husband and I are still night owls, so we often stay up until the usual three-hour gap between feedings has elapsed at 12:30. However, he has skipped that feeding the past two nights. We would try to go to bed once we realized he was going to skip it, but I would be too keyed up, worrying that I should get up and feed him, because (and here’s the kicker) he would wake up, but not want to eat. He would take the pacifier, but kept spitting it out. I ask you, what kind of newborn wakes up at night and doesn’t want to eat??? And then plays fetch with his poor, tired, addle-brained parents??? (If you’re wondering how I was managing to even try and sleep, my wonderful husband was the one fetching the pacifier over and over.)

Essentially, we have missed out on a good 5 or 6 hours of consecutive sleep the past few nights. If you have ever been a new parent, especially a breast-feeding mom, you know how precious that is. I am going to try and out-smart him tonight by going to bed as soon after the 9:30 feeding as possible. I have a feeling I may have met my match, though. We’ll see.

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