Meredith, shut up or speed up

Does anyone else have trouble following Meredith’s monologues at the end of Grey’s Anatomy? I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person. I have a Masters degree in English, so I know I can comprehend fairly complicated ideas. I think the problem lies in the timing. Her comments are spaced WAY too far apart and there are actual scenes occurring during the pauses in her speech. I end up getting caught up in the action and forgetting a monologue is even happening. By the time she starts talking again, I have forgotten what she just said and have to back it up. Which usually doesn’t help that much.

The Wonder Years knew how to do a voiceover properly. The narrator would talk continuously and scenes without dialogue, which were still perfectly easy to comprehend, would take place simultaneously. You always knew what was going on and you didn’t feel irritated when the action was constantly interrupted by a character’s pseudo-philosophical musings. Meredith’s monologues are usually apropos and even quite touching, but they are going to be ineffectual if no one can follow them! Shonda, with all due respect, it has to be either the narrator or the actors talking. It’s too confusing to have both.

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