Maybe cravings aren’t a myth

I have not had any cravings to speak of during my pregnancy. At least, not until the past couple of weeks. All of a sudden, my wants are much more specific (For instance, a brownie, but it has to be a brownie, not HEB Brownie Bites, and it has to be chewy and crumbly, not cakey. With no nuts or icing.) and I tend to get more frustrated if they aren’t fulfilled quickly. I had cravings earlier in pregnancy, but it was more like I was extremely susceptible to suggestion. If I didn’t get it, it wasn’t the end of the world. Now I’m at the point where I spent last week intermittently peeved with my husband, because he hadn’t caught my hints and surprised me with kolaches and a mocha from It’s a Grind. (Although I kept saying I probably shouldn’t have the coffee every time I mentioned it to him, so you can understand why he might not act on it.) Usually, I am pretty direct about asking him to get certain foodstuffs for me, but suddenly, I was irrationally hoping he would catch my hints and surprise me.

Not only am I expecting mind-reading from my husband, which I have always striven not to do, but I am finding it much more difficult to resist unhealthy cravings. I have had tater tots two days in a row. Today they were cheese tots. (Mmmm. I’d eat more right now if I could.) I am keeping my fingers crossed that these bad habits won’t carry over in to my postpartum life. I thought I left the fast food cravings behind in grad school!

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