My unadventurous week

I have not been having any adventures this week. I have spent most of my time grading papers. My brain is completely fried.
We did have some excitement this evening. I took CC to the vet today for her annual checkup and I was sent home with a kit to collect a “sample” to take back for analysis. This is standard procedure. I’ve handled it lots of times over the years. The hardest part is waiting for one of them to leave a “sample”. Apparently, it doesn’t matter which cat it is since they all live in the same house and would probably have the same parasites.
CC took pity on us tonight, however, and gave us a fine “sample”. I have never been so excited over poo in my life. It was actually a little bit sad how excited my husband and I were that she gave us a sample so readily. Sad and yet funny.
Today was very weird all around. I went to the dentist and it turns out I have two cavities. Minor ones, but cavities nonetheless. I almost made it to thirty without any! I know that may not seem like a big deal, but my cavity-less status has made me a minor celebrity among my family and friends. Really.
Also, I forgot my book that I was going to read in the waiting room and the X-rays didn’t come out the first time, so I had to bite down on those uncomfortable cardboard things AGAIN and have all but one of the pictures redone.
Finally, there was the vet trip, which went smoothly, but CC meowed the entire way there and back. Plus, we managed to get away without doing her bloodwork, so there will be another meow-filled ride back to the vet on the other side of town in the near future. Good thing I love her little Siamese voice.
The weirdest thing about this day was – it was FUN. I love my life. I love doing the mundane, ordinary, everyday things. I love taking care of my kitty by making sure she’s healthy. I get a huge kick out of watching A Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby on TLC and bawling my eyes out along with the new parents. I love every, darn unadventurous (this week) detail of my crazy life. That’s all I ever really wanted and I’ve always had it, except for a few, dark years when I decided it was my prerogative to complain about everything that had ever gone wrong with my life. I think that’s all any of us want and we ALL have it. No matter how many glamorous places you visit or achievements you make, you are not going to be happy unless you let yourself love the mundane details of everyday life. We all need to learn that. Or remember it if we let ourselves forget, as I once did. You really can go back to a childlike delight in everyday experiences without a near-death experience. It can be really, really hard to get back there, but it IS possible.

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