The popcorn collector

I know this may seem weird, but I can always tell if my boobs have fluctuated in size by how much popcorn gets lodged in there at the movies. I went to see The Other Boleyn Girl with some friends last week and had managed to drop three pieces in there before the movie even started. I attempted to extricate it all after I got home and thought I had been successful.  I still left a trail behind me in the house.

I guess the fact that my cleavage had so bravely held on to so many kernels of popcorn throughout the car ride and my first hour or so back at home means indulging in too many sweets the past few weeks has its advantages. 😉 The fact that overindulging in chocolate and ice cream makes my boobs bigger would be so awesome if it wasn’t for the fact that my derriere and thighs follow suit.  

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